October 2020

apartments in Nigeria

Difference Between a Mini-Flat and Self Contained apartment

Apartments in Nigeria: Mini-Flat and Self Contained apartment There seem to be some misunderstanding as to what precisely a "self-contained" apartment and a "mini flat" is. The purpose of this essay is to clarify the ambiguity surrounding the aforementioned notions. A self-contained apartment or room is a single room that has all the facilities such as toilet, bathrooms, and most probably a kitchen en-...

cheap lands in Nigeria

Cheap Land in Nigeria and their locations (Buy Now)

Cheap lands in Nigeria it would become a repetition if I start explaining to you how buying landed properties and insurance form of investing your money. Very realistic gives you the possibility of gaining up to 500% return on investment no matter how bad the economy gets, so matter-of-factly academy season getting worse the higher the value of your land. If you want to get a good place where you can...

housing loans in Nigeria

CBN approves N200 Billion Housing Loan for 300,000 Households

In regard to the 1.5 million direct jobs in the construction sector, particularly for low-income young people, the program also has the potential to generate an additional 1 million jobs through its supply chain. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has approved the sum of N200 billion as mortgage finance facility to the Family Homes Fund Limited (FHFL) and targeted at low-income earners. According to a...

estate agency technology

Property Management and Estate Agency Software/Apps

In particular, technology and the internet have revolutionized the way we do things. It's a new world we live in and for just about everything there are tech applications. I have recently copied and emailed a portion of my personal documents straight from my computer. It's incredible how a phone today does anything that can boast of a traditional 'company hub'. No doubt this isn't the ideal time for...

Real Estate Inspection

Real Estate Inspection in the Period of COVID-19

Your clients are keen on making an offer for a house they have fallen in love with, and a bit nervous. You're suggesting a home inspection so they can hear about their next home's ups and downs, and ins and outs. Nothing odd in a situation like this, right? But now things need to be done a little differently, like home inspection, with the latest pandemic impacting the home-buying process in too many...

fourth mainland bridge

Sanwo-Olu Disclose Plans for Fourth Mainland Bridge

More Reason to Invest In Ibeju Lekki The Lagos State Government has taken a major step towards the realization of the Fourth Mainland Bridge by the hosting of the first stakeholders meeting on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the construction and launch of the Bridge’s logo. Speaking at the meeting, the Lagos State Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, who was represented by his Deputy,...

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