November 2020

Benefits of virtual reality for interior designers in Nigeria

Benefits of virtual reality for interior designers in Nigeria

If you believe that virtual reality is only for people in the film and computer games industries and nothing more then you're already living in the past. The way architects, real estate developers, and interior designers design and sell their designs and concepts to consumers is evolving rapidly with Virtual Reality (VR). Until now, interior designers, planners, and architects have focused on...

workmanship in construction industry

Adverse Effects of bad Workmanship on a Building

Due to ignorance, some clients go for a very low fee at the expense of quality. Unknowingly at the long run, you will end up spending more for engaging an unqualified/ unverified tradesman or builder. using less qualified tradesmen will cost you much more. In other words, this topic highlights the importance of getting a professional to handle your building project. (1) Non-sustainable...

Rent an apartment in Nigeria

Important Things To Look Out For before Paying Rent in Nigeria

Finding an affordable property to rent/lease in Nigeria can be a real nightmare. Often, maybe for months, the burden of testing one property after another starts to culminate in despair, an eagerness to grab the first one that fits our standards. We are always in such a rush to get in when we finally spot an acceptable one, that we do not take time to read and thoroughly appreciate the terms and...

invest in real estate in Nigeria

Incredible Ways to Invest in Real Estate in Nigeria

Why is Investing in Real Estate in Nigeria Important? Like in many regions of the world, real estate in Nigeria is an ever-increasing investment in value that must not be slept on! Most persons are afraid of this. A few are familiar with this fundamental truth and have been from its rich and lucrative stream. Today owing to a variety of reasons, many people are very cautious about venturing into real...

Buying Land in Lagos

Things you should know before Buying Land in Lagos

How do you ascertain ownership of Land before payment? In the case of Elegushi vs Oseni (2005) 14 NWLR (PT 945) AT 348, the supreme court clearly stated the five types of legal land ownership in Nigeria. By Traditional evidence In the olden days, people found and settled on a parcel of land. They are regarded as the owner after spending a period of time on the land. Nigerian law recognizes traditional...



Finance houses in Nigeria are not limited to the well-known commercial banks; there are other types, including investment banks/companies, brokerage firms, mortgage institutions, insurance companies and many others. The basic roles of all the different financial institutions in Nigeria are to ensure the smooth operation of the country's economy. In reality, it is difficult to overemphasize the position of...

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