December 2020

How to Register Land in Nigeria

Full Guide on Land Registration Process In Nigeria

How to Register Land in Nigeria The land registration process in Nigeria brushes on all factors involved in registering land transactions from the systems involved, benefits of registration, the procedure for registration, requirement for the registration, challenges faced and so many others. Property acquisition is a valuable investment that can be properly and securely concluded where the property...

landlord tenancy rules

Guide for landlords on renting rules and regulations

Are you dreaming about being a landlord or are you already one? Sean Skelton, GSC Grays, Stokesley, lettings manager, gives the advice to help bring all landlords up to date with lettings regulations. 1. Deposits must be placed in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme Any deposit funds must be deposited within 30 working days of the start of a tenancy or acceptance of the deposit in one of the three designated...

Land Tenure System in Nigeria

Land Tenure System in Nigeria (Types)

In Nigeria, the Land Tenure System was developed solely for the regulation of the conduct of land ownership among Nigerians. The word 'tenure' clearly means to hold." The Land Tenure System refers, in clear meaning, to rights as well as to the organization which is concerned with the governance of land use in the region. This aged tenancy structure focuses on rights, obligations, duties pertaining to...

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