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osborne lagos state

Osborne residents battle Lagos over conversion of green zone to courthouse

Osborne Foreshore Estate residents have contested moves by Lagos State Government to convert the area reserved for recreational centre into a courthouse and jetty. The residents in a suit filed at the Lagos High Court, TBS division, contended that the proposal to build a courthouse in the residential area is dangerous to their lives. Justice Toyin Oyekan-Abdulaahi had on Monday, December 21, 2020,...

minor own property

How a Minor can own a Property in Nigeria

I am very sure you are on this page because you want to know if a Minor can own a property in Nigeria. Ordinarily, no person less than 21 years old will own land in Nigeria. It s unconstitutional for any Governor to award a statutory right of occupancy or give consent to any transfer of title of the land to any individual who is less than 21 years old except for 2 purposes. A person less than 21...

Can a Foreigner buy Land in Nigeria

Can a Foreigner buy Land in Nigeria? (Full Answer)

The aim of this article is to examine the restrictions (if any) or the level of control on foreign ownership of land in Nigeria and questions arising such as: who a foreigner is? What is the nature of control on foreign ownership of land in Nigeria? and more are all discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.   CAN A FOREIGNER OWN A LAND IN NIGERIA? YES, an alien or a foreigner can own land in...

How to Register Land in Nigeria

Full Guide on Land Registration Process In Nigeria

How to Register Land in Nigeria The land registration process in Nigeria brushes on all factors involved in registering land transactions from the systems involved, benefits of registration, the procedure for registration, requirement for the registration, challenges faced and so many others. Property acquisition is a valuable investment that can be properly and securely concluded where the property...

Land Tenure System in Nigeria

Land Tenure System in Nigeria (Types)

In Nigeria, the Land Tenure System was developed solely for the regulation of the conduct of land ownership among Nigerians. The word 'tenure' clearly means to hold." The Land Tenure System refers, in clear meaning, to rights as well as to the organization which is concerned with the governance of land use in the region. This aged tenancy structure focuses on rights, obligations, duties pertaining to...

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