Things to Know before Buying Land in Nigeria

Important Things to Know before Buying Land in Nigeria

Facts to note before buying Land in Nigeria In the past, majority of people had lands but currently things has changed as even the economy got worse. Not everyone can even afford to buy land in Nigeria at the moment. So, if you own a land already, count yourself lucky. To make informed decisions that you won't regret, this post aims to highlight the things that you need to know before you buy a land in...

Forcce Majeure and Contracts Post COVID-19

The world of commerce was heavily hit by the covid-19 pandemic. So many business closed down and so many people lost their jobs. Same way so many contract obligations could not be met due to policies like lockdown, stay-in-doors etc. which restricted movement, all in a bid to prevent and contain the spread of the virus. This discus will be looking at the effect of the Pandemic on contracts in commerce and...

Alienation of Land Under Indigenous Customary Practice

Alienation can be defined as transfer of t right by the holder to another person or creation of interest in an estate for the benefit of another person. In other words, alienation of land can be defined as the power of property owner (e.g. land) to voluntarily transfer or dispose of his interest in that property to another. Alienation of land involves, sale, assignment, gift, will, etc. But for the purpose...

Service Tenancy and Statutory Notices

WHAT IS SERVICE TENANCY Service Tenancy is the type of tenancy that comes into effect when an employer provides accommodation for an employee to stay during employment whether rent is paid or not. That is, it is a type of tenancy that arises as a result of employment fro employer to the employee. The court in Oduye V. Nigeria Airways Limited defined “Service Tenant’’ as a person who occupies any...

Application Sample Draft of Force Majeure in Contracts

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic as declared by World Health Organisation (WHO) on 11th March 2020, many contract obligations will not be performed and others would be delayed. The way out by which contracting parties can escape liability arising from non-performance is if a force majeure clause was inserted under their terms of contract. As discussed above a successful application is based on strict...

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